We are committed to sustainability
as an integral part of our business approach.

We are dedicated to making sustainability an integral part of our business approach.

We are aware that it is a concept that is changing constantly, and we strive every day to look for alternatives that are more environmentally friendly and promote a responsible and balanced future.

We understand that it is an integral commitment that requires everyone’s participation.

For this reason, we strive to foster a culture of sustainability in our team, recognizing that each individual has a fundamental role in this process. Through active collaboration, we seek to generate a sense of shared responsibility, where each member becomes a committed agent of change in their daily work.

Reusable bags

In our effort to care for the environment, we began charging for bags in order to encourage the use of more sustainable alternatives and promote reuse.
Together we can make a difference and reduce the amount of waste we generate in our daily lives.

Tote bags

We make Tote Bags with recycled cotton.
These bags are not only an environmentally friendly alternative, but they are designed to be used multiple times, thus reducing the consumption of disposable bags.

Electric fleet

We replaced our fleet of traditional vehicles with electric vehicles. As these vehicles are equipped with advanced technology, such as braking energy regeneration, fast charging and intelligent battery management, they make the driving experience more efficient. In addition, they do not emit exhaust fumes, which means they do not pollute the air.

Cardboard and paper recycling

We recycle cardboard and paper in order to reduce waste and tree felling, as these materials can be reused several times without losing their properties. In addition, the recycling process consumes less energy and water than the production of new paper.

Nylon and plastics recycling

We also recycle nylon and plastics, understanding that these materials take hundreds of years to decompose. By recycling them, we reduce the amount of waste in landfills and encourage reuse and transformation into new products, reducing the need to use more natural resources.

Soda cap collection

We raise environmental awareness about the negative impact of single-use plastics and encourage sustainable practices, such as the collection of soda caps.

Second hands

We partner with secondhands across the country to give a second life to our garments from previous seasons, encouraging our customers to participate in this sustainable cycle.

We carry out beach clean-up days as a team, with the idea of keeping these recreational spaces free of waste and promoting a clean and safe environment for everyone.