How was Chic Parisien born?:

Samuel Manhard arrived from Europe in 1938, seeking to protect his family from the war. In Austria, he was dedicated to the Grain Mills, so his first impulse was to develop this activity here. However, his main partner and supporter, his wife Regina Abend, had a different vision. Regina, a very elegant woman, had not let go of her European closet and had the idea of transferring that fashion to Uruguayan women. This is how, together with Uruguayan dressmakers and ateliers, they gave shape to the first collection..

In this environment of creativity, work and effort, Enrique Manhard was formed, who, since his youth, began to contribute his ideas and initiatives. In 1962, in his early twenties, with his bold and enterprising spirit, he opened his first store located on the main avenue of Montevideo: 18 de Julio and Vázquez. Thus Chic Parisien was born.

Chic Parisien today

Since 60 years ago, we have grown steadily to position ourselves as the leading fashion retail chain in the country, according to the most recent market research and import data.

We have the support of a long trajectory and deep knowledge of the market.

As a dynamic company, we understand the changes in fashion and cultural changes, and throughout our history, we have been adapting and rebuilding ourselves along with them.

We constantly take on new challenges and strive to understand and anticipate our customers’ needs, exceeding their expectations.

Our company profile has evolved and strengthened with a combined value proposition:

  • A wide variety of fashion products where we incorporate the most relevant trends worldwide.
  • An excellent customer service that places us at the center of the decisions, seeking to respond to the needs of our customers at the right time.
  • Sustained care for the quality of our products.
  • Cutting-edge technology with a significant impact on business efficiency.
  • World-class stores in terms of design, functionality, and spaciousness.
  • Highly accessible and competitive prices.A constant initiative to accommodate change.


To remain a leading women’s apparel company in the market, committed to offering fashion at affordable prices, providing our customers with an excellent shopping experience, both in person and online, covering a broad segment of the public of different ages and styles.


We want to be a mirror of international fashion so that Latin American women can shine it.

Sourcing textil internacional – Map + timeline.

We have succeeded in optimizing logistics operations.

The flexibility and adaptability of our organization allow us to have an efficient value chain that translates into the quality and price of our products.

Since our beginnings, we have bet on permanent investment in resources, infrastructure, and state-of-the-art technology that allows us to adapt to the demands and needs of our customers.

Our History

Our Distribution Center

Our Distribution Center operates as the lungs of our integrated logistics operation. More than 10,000 square meters, state-of-the-art technology, and a custom-designed warehousing system collaborate to service the commercial operation of our brands.

One of the keys is the strategic management of the ecommerce sales channel. Our Distribution Center concentrates and regulates all e-commerce activity, providing last-mile quality service directly to our customers. A fiscal annex allows the flexibility to export our products anywhere in the world: in a wholesale format and for individual customers buying through ecommerce anywhere in the world.